This webpage is intended to help people in my lab or classes to learn specific topics on R. Click on a link to the left to be directed to the relevant topic. Also, see the K/M section of this website for code written for internal use by our lab.

Nevertheless, in the open-source spirit of R, if you happen by this page and are interested in learning the R computer language, feel free to download the powerpoints, scripts, and other helpful files from my R class website: (http://psych.colorado.edu/wiki/doku.php?id=labs:learnr:home). The scripts are written such that you should be able to learn the basics of the program on your own. All you need to do is download R here.

Why learn R? R is an open-source software programming language for data manipulation, simulation, statistics, and graphics. It has become the lingua franca among statisticians, and is increasingly being used for data analysis among researchers.


Helpful R Links:

R Home Page (CRAN)
Great R Graphics & Stats Site 1
Great R Graphics Site 2

Additional Helpful Files:

R Reference Card
R Syntax Examples
Type I and Type III Sums of Squares in R (discussion from CRAN)

How to:

Install 64-bit R on a Mac
Use R from within Aquamacs
Install 64-bit Bioconductor
Deal with memory issues in R
Work with multiple CPUs (in parallel) in R
Do basic UNIX data manipulation outside of R


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